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Biological Safety

  • Please contact West Virginia University's Biological Safety Officer for all questions regarding biosafety, protocol approval, the Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) and other related questions. 
  • Alexandra Elliott, Biosafety Officer
    HSC Safety Office
    (304) 293-7157  

Biological Waste Disposal

Defining Biological Waste

  • Infectious agents
  • Pathological wastes
  • Cell cultures, stocks and isolates
  • Human or animal blood
  • Blood contaminated material
  • Sharps
  • Chemotherapeutic Waste

Biological Waste is NOT regular trash. It CANNOT be placed in the regular trash. Each laboratory should have red biological waste bins. These bins are red with the biohazardous symbol on it.

Packaging and Disposal Guidelines

  • Line biohazard box with red biohazard bag (if chemotherapeutic biowaste, line the box with a yellow bag)
  • Only fill 3/4 of the bag or container
  • Liquids over 20cc should be placed in a tightly closed plastic container
  • FM will seal bag with tape
  • FM will close box and tape ALL seams
  • Any leaking biological waste bags or containers must be re-packed by the generator
  • Sharps containers should only be 3/4 full.  Do not overfill.  The lid should be closed by the generator prior to pick up.
  • For pick-up, call Dispatch at 293-4394

Stericycle Policy

Biohazardous Waste Supplies

To obtain or replenish biohazardous container lined with red bag contact 304-293-4394.