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The Biosafety Team of the Environmental Health & Safety Department at West Virginia University provides oversight to the university community on proper handling, storage, and disposal of biohazards.  The Biosafety Team works to ensure the protection of WVU faculty, staff, and students who work in our teaching and research labs, thereby ensuring the safety of the WVU community and general public. This is accomplished through the oversight of the biosafety, biosecurity, and biocontainment practices at WVU

Biosafety Contact Information:

            WVU Biosafety Office

            WVU Health Sciences Center

            G140 North (HSC Safety Office)

            Morgantown, WV 26506


                                                Ali Elliott

                                                                          Ali Elliott, MS, PhD, RBP (ABSA)

                                                                                        Biosafety Officer

                                                                                     Office: 304-293-7157


                                                                                  Matt Stinoski

                                                                        Matt Stinoski, MS, RBP (ABSA), GSP

                                                                                Assistant Biosafety Officer

                                                                                   Office: 304-581-1759