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IBC Protocol Submissions and Forms

Initial Registrations

If you are a new investigator or if you are working with recombinant DNA, human samples, pathogens, or biological toxins, contact the Biosafety Officer ( at the same time as you are preparing your IBC Registration in order to arrange for a lab inspection. Allow enough time in advance for scheduling the inspection and correction of any potential problems. Your inspection must be completed and all action items corrected before the IBC will issue approval.  

Yearly Update and Amendments

Amendments are required to be filed any time there is a change to your research.  This includes, but is not limited to, changes to: biohazard, research location, personnel, or procedures.  Additionally, the Biosafety Office will contact each PI annually via email to verify that no changes to research that would require an amendment have occurred. 

Please contact Biosafety Office at with an updated IBC protocol form to begin the amendment process.  


IBC registrations are valid for three years and must be renewed if you intend to continue research work. You will be notified 90 days prior to the due date for your renewal, and you’ll receive periodic reminders thereafter.

Protocol Submission Procedure

Please contact the Biosafety Office at for a copy of the most current IBC protocol form. Prior to submission, make sure that all personnel involved in the project have taken the occupational health questionnaire and have completed or signed up for biosafety training and blood borne pathogens training if required. After filling out the form, click on the submit button, or email it to:

For any questions about filling out the appropriate forms, contact the Biosafety Officer, Matthew Stinoski (304-581-1759).

IBC Meetings

The deadline for protocol submission is the 15th of every month.  Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at 3:00 PM.  Please contact the Biosafety Office at for an invitation and link for the next IBC meeting.