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Contractor Safety Requirements
For each project, the Contractor has the primary and ultimate responsibility for safety. Neither this document of requirements nor any other communications from representatives of the University reduces the Contractor’s responsibility to create and maintain a safe project. West Virginia University believes that effective contractor safety programs enhance projects by assisting Contractors in systematically identifying and evaluating anticipated hazards and establish controls in advance of actual work.

The purpose of this document is to promote a culture of safety and to facilitate a safe working environment for West Virginia University staff, employees, public, and all workers including contractors and subcontractors on renovation, construction, demolition, installation, and maintenance projects.
Fencing and Barricades
Construction fencing will be designed and erected around job sites where there is a possibility of injury to employees, students, or the public. Special precautions must be taken to protect ALL persons utilizing the University facilities. During active excavation/trenching operations, fencing and/or attendants shall be present to prevent unauthorized entry into the site.