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Compressed Gas Safety

Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training

Air Gas, WVU Environmental Health & Safety, and WVU Safety & Health Extension are pleased to present Compressed Gas Cylinder Safety Training for laboratory personnel. 

Compressed gas cylinders pose hazards including fire, explosion, and toxic gas exposure to people and property.  WVU faculty, staff, students, and laboratory and shop personnel who use, store, and/or manage compressed gases are required to participate in one of the compressed gas safety training courses listed below to ensure a safe working environment.

Compressed Gas Safety Training Elements (not limited to):

  • Classification of Hazards
  • Handling, Storage, and Use
  • Regulators and Valves
  • Signage
  • Safety Equipment and PPE
  • Specific Hazards: Use and Special Precautions (i.e. Flammables, Oxidizers, Corrosives, Pyrophoric, Toxics and Highly Toxics, Hydrogen, Cryogenics)
  • Gas Cabinets, Control Areas, and Storage Rooms

 Register online today!  Classes are limited to 60 people per session.




Registration Link

September 14, 2016

9am – 11am


September 14, 2016

2pm – 4pm

HSC Room 2118

September 15, 2016

9am – 11am

JG Theatre - Mountainlair

September 15, 2016

1:30pm – 3:30pm

Towers – Blue Room