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Broken Glass Disposal

Defining Broken Glass Disposal

  • Clean Broken glass
  • Pasteur pipettes
  • Glass slides
  • Glass vials

Important Notice: Biohazardous, hazardous or radioactive contaminated glass can go in regular broken glass boxes. They have their own disposal procedures. For water soluble chemicals, rinse the remaining traces of chemicals in the sink with plenty of water and then dispose in the glass box. The glassware does not need to be broken. Obscure any labels shown on the glass. If the chemical is hazardous, do not rinse the container. It must go out as chemical hazardous waste.

Packaging and Disposal Guidelines

  • Line glass box with a plastic trash bag
  • Only fill 3/4 of the bag or container
  • Seal bag with tape
  • Close box and tape ALL seams
  • Place box with the regular trash for disposal

Broken Glass Waste Supplies

To obtain or replenish broken glass waste container contact your laboratory safety supplier.