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Building Safety - Facility Code Compliance

Building Design

The Building Design Checklist is used as a guideline to assure the current codes, and reports are being used during the planning, design and construction of new and existing buildings.
Project Review

The Project Review Checklist is used as a guide to assist the project team in identifying issues that need to be reviewed by the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
Food Service Renovation/Construction

To be used by Food Service Managers and Facilities Management Project Managers to maintain compliance with Life Safety Code and the WV Food Code during food service renovation/construction projects.

To be prepared at least 45 days prior to beginning of the construction or renovation of a food service to assist with providing a plan review information package to the local Health Department in the county that the food service is located.
Garbage Dumpster/Compactor Code compliance

To be used by building supervisors, roads and grounds, food service managers/supervisors, Facilities Management Project Managers, etc. in order to maintain compliance with Life Safety Code, WV Food Code, and Morgantown Stormwater Ordinance.

To be used on a daily basis by food service managers, roads and ground personnel, and building supervisors, and by Construction Project Managers during work activities as part of building construction and renovation projects. Especially designed for, but not exclusively, food service projects.