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Training for Laboratories

Training is required under the OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, the OSHA Laboratory Standard, the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard. University policy prohibits persons without appropriate training from working in laboratories and other areas where hazardous chemicals are used. Federal law mandates training at the time of initial assignment to a laboratory or work area where hazardous chemicals are present or exposure to bloodborne pathogens is possible. Additional training is required on introduction of a new chemical or biological exposure hazard or new or modified tasks and procedures which affect occupational exposure. Refresher training shall be conducted annually for persons working in areas of potential exposure to chemical hazards and bloodborne pathogens.

Principal investigators shall ensure that laboratory personnel are properly trained and shall certify all training. A record of training shall be kept with the Chemical Hygiene Plan binder.

The Safety Department can provide general safety seminars for laboratory or department groups. The training is general in nature; principal investigators are required to provide specific safety training in the particular hazards of their laboratories.

Mandatory Hazardous Waste Training

This training is for  ALL WVU lab personnel in research and using chemicals.  Personnel includes: Faculty, Staff, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Interns, Researchers, Technicians, Lab Managers, Principal Investigators, Chemical Hygiene Officers, and Student Lab Workers (paid or receiving stipend). (This training excludes students from academic labs.)  
The training is available on-line at . You must complete and pass the exam after all three modules annually.  Please note: You must take the survey following the training to receive credit.

Liquid Nitrogen Dry Ice Training

Any employee or student utilizing Liquid Nitrogen must take the online Liquid Nitrogen Safety Training through SOLE.  To register for the training send the following information to

CITI Training Portal

Other training topics available are:

  • Animal Care and Use (ACU)
  • Biosafety and Biosecurity (BSS)
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Human Subjects Research (HSR)
  • Information Privacy and Security (IPS)
  • Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

All employees working with animals must take the Animal Health Questionnaire before working with animals.  The questionnaire can be found here:

Upcoming Training Events and Dates

If you would like to schedule a safety seminar for a laboratory or department, click  HERE.

Training Modules

OSHA Lab Standard Training ( Module One)

Hazard Communication ( Module Two)

General Laboratory ( Module Three)

Chemical Safety ( Module Four)

Laboratory  Safety Audits

Laboratory  Safety Training

Infectious  Medical Waste

Hygiene Officer -  CHO Training  

Training Sign In Template for CHP ( View Document)