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Biological Waste

Defining Biological Waste

Biological or biohazardous waste (also known as infectious materials) is waste contaminated with biohazards which has the potential to cause harm to people, animals, plants, or the environment.  Biohazards can include:
  • Infectious agents / pathogens
  • Cell cultures, stocks and isolates
  • Human-derived materials, unfixed (including blood, body fluids, tissue and cell culture)
  • Sharps
Biological Waste is NOT regular trash. It CANNOT be placed in the regular trash. Each laboratory which works with biohazards should have biological waste bins. These bins are typically boxes lined with red bags with the biohazardous symbol on it.

Biohazard Waste Pickup and Supplies

  • Biohazard Waste pickup schedule is dependent on campus. 
    • Health Sciences Center lab are routinely picked up by Facilities Management
      • Contact x-4115 to schedule a pickup.
    • All other campuses: Contact your Chemical Hygiene Officer to schedule pickup

·         Replacement supplies can be obtained in the same manner as scheduling a pickup

Contact the Biosafety Office at if you are having any issues with biohazard waste pickup or obtaining replacement supplies.

Stericycle Policy

WVU has contracted Stericycle for disposal of biohazardous waste. 


Additional information can be found in the WVU Biosafety Manual Chapter 5: Biohazard Waste