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Spill Response

It is important to know what to do in the event of a spill. Effective planning and training are necessary to prevent and handle a spill effectively. If a chemical spill should occur, a quick response with a stocked chemical spill kit will help minimize potential harm to personnel, equipment, and laboratory space. HSC employees who work in laboratories should be familiar with the properties and hazards of materials with which they work. In the event of a small chemical spill, the individual(s) who caused the spill is responsible for a prompt and proper clean up. It is also their responsibility to have spill control and personal protective equipment appropriate for the chemicals being handled readily available.

Types of Spills

If any spills occur, please contact the  Safety Department at  304-293-0952.

Spill-Response Response Notification Form will need to be completed after the spill has been cleaned.


The majority of chemical spills can be prevented or minimized by:

Spill Response Kit

Spill response kits are an important resource to have within a laboratory. These kits provide first response to small chemical spills. They can be ordered from a laboratory safety supplier or one can be created with the following:

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